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How To Choose a Baby Car Seat

Very few people give adequate importance to the choice of the baby car seat, an essential item because it is the only way to ensure the safety of the baby inside the car. Some people believe that it is enough to carry the baby in your arms when the truth is that it's an incredibly dangerous practice, because if the car brakes suddenly, the baby could be shot and suffer serious injuries. Your baby's life is at stake, so it's worth paying attention to the process of choosing the best baby seat for the car.

What You Have To Keep in Mind

- Not always the most expensive is the best. Do not get carried away only by the price, study and choose among the most recognized brands, the one that suits your baby and your budget.

- When they are babies, at least until they are 3 years old, their seat must always be placed in the back seats of the car; the child should never be facing forward.

- It is recommended that the child is in a 90-degree position, sitting, never lying down. For newborns it is different: they must travel in an inclined position of 30 to 45 degrees so that they are not difficult to breathe and have the best protection in the event of a collision.

How To Choose The Best Baby Chair?

- Choose one that is suitable for your child's weight. Remember that age does not matter, but weight and height. Avoid buying a larger one so that it lasts longer, this will not provide the necessary support for the baby and will not protect him in case of an accident.

- Look for those chairs endorsed by the NHTSA. If they have 5 stars, you will know that they are easy to install and use, as well as being safe.

- A good baby seat has fastening straps and LATCH anchors, which allows you to fix the chair to the car without using the seat belt.

- Make sure that the car seat has a removable and washable cover.

- The chair should be comfortable for your baby, have enough padding and support for the head.

- Look for a chair that has lateral protection, in case of collision or a side blow; these chairs will protect the child's body and head.

- The chair must be easy to adjust. As the child grows you will need to adjust the straps and the head support, this will be frequent during the first months, so it is preferable to look for a chair that allows adjusting the straps from the front, without having to remove the chair.

- Look for a model with removable base. The most practical car seats are those that consist of a removable base that stays in the car and a chair that easily attaches to this base. When you arrive at the destination, you only have to remove the chair from the stand and take it with you. This has the advantage that if you have another car, you should only buy another base instead of moving the whole system when you need to change cars.

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