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Car Lockout Services | 24 Hours a Day

It is so easy to lock your keys in your car accidentally. Perhaps you were distracted as you got out of your car and forgot to grab your keys before you shut the door. This kind of mistake happens all the time, so do not feel bad about it. There are easy solutions for dealing with this situation.
Car lockouts can be stressful and time-consuming experiences. Pink Towing offers a professional car lockout service to help you gain entry to your locked vehicle as quickly as possible. It doesn't matter where you've been locked out in Los Angeles because we serve the city's entire metropolitan area.

Pink Towing has the pro's spread all over Los Angeles. It doesn't matter which neighborhood you come from in the city. We can travel to any area in a short amount of time. We will bring our tools, education, knowledge, and experience with us to each lockout situation.
If you're locked out of your car for whatever reason, give us a call today for assistance. We will have you back inside your car within the shortest time possible. 

The Typical Lockout Situations

Lost Car Keys


People have been losing their car keys since automobiles were first invented. It is challenging to keep tabs on your car keys all the time, and we understand that. If you lost your car keys, we could do one of two things to assist.


First, we can open your car door and allow you to at least get inside. Second, we can create a duplicate key to replace the lost key with a special code from the dealership. However, most modern car keys are programmed with electronic chips. That is why some car key replacements might require assistance from the dealership where you purchased your vehicle.


Broken Key


Did your car key break off in the ignition or door keyhole? If you've been driving your vehicle for many years, your key has probably become worn down and deteriorated. It could get to the point where it breaks inside the keyhole if the wrong amount of pressure gets applied.


Our professional car locksmiths have the necessary skills and tools to extract the broken key piece from the hole. The extraction process happens relatively quickly, so we're confident you will be pleased with our extraction service results.  


 Locked Keys in the Car


The most common lockout situation is when people lock their keys inside of their car. The good news is that a replacement key won't need to be made. The bad news is that you still need to open your car door. That is where we come into play.


Pink Towing has a team of car locksmiths who can open any locked car door. We have the necessary tools to open your door in a matter of minutes. Then you can recover your keys and go on with the rest of your day.


Locked Keys in Your Trunk


It is also as common for people to lock their keys inside of their trunk. Perhaps they open the trunk to take out groceries and carry them inside their homes while forgetting where they put their keys. It is easy to forget your keys when you're moving things in and out of your trunk.


But once the trunk is closed, you'll quickly realize the keys are inside of it. By then, you'll have no choice but to call a professional car locksmith to help you get the keys out of the trunk. Don't worry, though, because our locksmiths specialize in opening locked trunks. We can do it just as quickly as opening a car door.

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Contact Us Today


Do you need a car lockout service? If so, call our customer support team at 323-487-9838 to submit your request. We’ll send the nearest technician to your location.

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