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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and checks.

How soon can you arrive at my location if I'm in an emergency?

We cover the entire area of Los Angeles and can be with you within less than 30 minutes. Sometimes, during unusual weather or traffic conditions, it may take a few extra minutes.

Do you accept Triple-A?

We don't work with Triple-A; with that being said, in unique situations, when they have no one available to assist one of their members, we can tow you with Triple-A's approval, and you will get reimbursed for our payment.

What are your hours of operations?

We are available 24 hours a day and during the national holidays.

Can you tow any car?

Yes! We are capable of towing any make and model, including trucks and machinery.

Is Towing and Roadside Assistance are The Same?

Roadside assistance is a general word for many services. One of the services is towing. So, yes, towing and roadside assistance are the same.
More services are described as roadside assistance: battery jump-start, tire change, vehicle recovery, and more.

What do you do if you don't have roadside assistance

If you don't have any roadside assistance plan, you may try to do the next things and find some significant discounts or even free assistance:

  • If you are leasing your vehicle, try to contact the dealership you got it from. 

  • Try calling your insurance provider, and you may have a roadside assistance plan that you don't even know about it.

  • Some cellular companies are offering discounts on roadside services for their members. So if you have at&t, verizon, etc., you may try calling them.

How long can you leave your car on the highway?

If a vehicle is abandoned on the highway for over 24 hours will be towed away. In some busy freeway areas, it may happen after a few hours. If you have proof to show CHP that someone is on the way to assist, they will wait. During the rush hour, they may call a local company in the area to tow you away immediately, at your expense.

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