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Disclaimer: We are a marketing/dispatch company that helps consumers find prompt towing service. So we perform our services through a network of  selected high quality independently owned and operated affiliates. We do not employ the contractors that use our service. We DO NOT serve customers at our location, you can contact us for additional questions and inquiries.. You can choose a specific contracted company to service you - click here to see the list.


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Towing Los Angeles

Towing Los Angeles is very versatile when it comes to the services it offers. We can efficiently tow any size of the vehicle to any place required by the customer. There will be no hesitation in doing the service because we've been serving the customers for some years. We can move your vehicle off the road and bring it to the nearest repair shop immediately. 

Our contracted drivers are all knowledgeable and skilled in doing towing services. We also have permits and necessary documents for the job so a high quality of services can be ensured. In our fleet all the needed tools and heavy vehicles that can help in satisfying your needs

Flat Bed Towing Los Angeles

Top of the Line Towing Services:

Pink Towing company will provide excellent heavy duty towing services for every customer. We have heavy-duty wreckers fleet that can be trusted of high-quality services. Aside from excellent equipment used, the operators within the company are very competent and friendly to the customers. For efficient results, Pink Towing Los Angeles will be your greatest buddy. Contact the company today and experience the best towing works you have never thought possible.

Los Angeles Heavy Duty Towing | 24 Hours

 We will be automatically ready to assist you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Upon receiving a call, the company's driver will immediately respond and go to your exact location. Pink recognizes the importance of latest tracking technology to know where the heavy vehicle is. The company will always be ready to serve every vehicle that need our expertise and exceptional services.

Roadside Assistance Los Angeles

Bus Towing Services

Drivers can't always expect for a smooth trip. There are circumstances when the bus stops due to damage on some parts. The cause might also be doubtful for the owner, but he does not have a choice but to call the attention of the experts. It will be very difficult to solve the problem alone so Pink Towing Los Angeles will be the best option for every driver. The operators will help in removing the stocked bus from the road.

We understand that each minute or hour is valuable, so we make sure that everything is in order. A delay on trips will greatly affect the operation of the Bus Company and passengers, so we strive for a fast service. Moreover, the long stay of the vehicles on the road can result to further accidents and troubles. Safety is the most important thing to consider. 

The company will give the appropriate bus towing services with the use of branded equipment and tools. There will be a guaranteed solution to every problem.

Our bus towing services covered all bus sizes—mini bus, double volume bus, double docker bus, and others. Whether it is early in the morning or late at night, Pink will do its best to lessen the problem.

Truck Towing in Los Angeles

Trucks are usually used for delivering products from different provinces. It is important to have a well-operating truck to avoid a delay in the delivery. Products that can be easily damaged such as fruits and vegetables must safely reach the destination ahead of time. However, there are times when breakdowns, flat tire problem, and other roadside emergencies that happen. Pink Towing will quickly send well-trained operators who can help you resolve the problem.

The latest towing technology we have can adjust to the needs of the customers. While towing the vehicle, the company will make sure that it will not have further damage. We do not want to add to the burden of the customer. Instead of chains and hooks, soft nylon will be used to avoid vehicle scratch.

Car Towing Services

Nowadays, having a car can also be considered as a need instead of being a mere ambition. Transportation is an important part of daily living of every family. With the help of a car, several places can be visited. On the other hand, commuters may encounter a delay in waiting for more passengers and for heavy traffic. They do not have other options than facing the daily commuting issues.

When there is unexpected car problem, one can always call the attention of Pink Towing. The operators will come to your location to assist and offer help. The owner needs to be accurate on the details about location and road problem to know what equipment we must bring.

Aside from buses, trucks, and cars, Pink Towing Company can also serve commercial vehicles, transportation companies, and other heavy vehicles. We do not choose the customers. As long as someone needs our services, we will guide and accompany him.

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