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Flatbed Towing Services | 24 Hours a Day

Flatbed towing is the safest and securest way to tow a vehicle, especially if it was damaged in an accident. The towed vehicle gets lifted and placed entirely on a flatbed surface behind the truck. No part of it touches the road whatsoever. That way, it does not incur additional damage from the trip.

For this reason, flatbed method is safer than wheel lift (although in some cases the car can be towed only by a wheel lift). Pink Towing happens to be the premier flatbed towing service provider in Los Angeles. We cover the entire metropolitan area and all its surrounding neighborhoods. Whenever you suffer a breakdown or car accident in Los Angeles, you can trust Pink Towing to come to your rescue.

The Benefits of Our Flatbed Towing Service:

Pink Towing treats everyone’s vehicle as if it were our own. Below are the top four benefits of our flatbed towing service.


Prevents Further Damage to Vehicle  

As indicated above, a flatbed towing service prevents further damage to your vehicle. Not only will this keep your out-of-pocket repair expenses to a minimum, but it will also ensure that your insurance company approves your auto damage claim.


Suppose you chose a low-quality towing service provider and they damage your vehicle during transport. In that case, your insurance company might deny your claim because the new damage was not caused by the initial accident.


That is why it is crucial that you chose our flatbed towing service. With no further damage inflicted, you don’t need to worry about a claim denial.

Faster Towing Option


Flatbed tow trucks can load vehicles in record time. They can get lifted and secured much faster than a traditional wheel lift towing system. If the vehicle is still drivable, it can even be driven up onto the flatbed and secured in a matter of seconds. Since you probably don’t want to waste any time, then our flatbed towing service offers the fastest towing experience you could ever want.  


The Only Option for Severely Damaged Vehicles


If your vehicle has suffered severe damage from an accident, you won’t have any choice but to request a flatbed towing service. Damaged vehicles can become irregularly shaped and put into an extremely fragile position. They cannot get dragged on the road because pieces of metal and glass could break off and put others in danger.


A flatbed towing service keeps the entire vehicle on the truck, which prevents any further stress or pressure from getting put on an already damaged vehicle.   

flatbed towing

When and Why Should You Use A Flatbed Tow Truck

When you call a towing company for help, make sure they use a flatbed tow truck rather than a hook and chain tow truck. A flatbed tow truck is one of the best tow trucks around because it keeps vehicles safe and secure during transit. The entire towed vehicle gets placed on a flat surface behind the tow truck. No part of the vehicle touches the road.


The classic hook and chain tow truck is less safe because the towed vehicle is still touching the road. If the tow truck operator runs over any potholes or debris, it could damage the towed vehicle severely. You'll end up needing to replace the tires and possibly some other components in your vehicle.


Flatbed tow trucks can transport oversized vehicles too. These could include light trucks, luxury vehicles, sports vehicles, motorcycles, and even industrial machinery. There is no other type of tow truck that can tow such heavy and irregularly shaped vehicles. It's guaranteed to prevent further damage or scuffs to your vehicle.


Should You Always Use a Flatbed Tow Truck?


A flatbed towing service is always the best option as far as safety is concerned. However, it doesn't mean you need to request flatbed towing every single time your car stalls.


For example, if you only need to transport a standard-sized vehicle a short distance, you can get away with using a wheel lift tow truck or hook and chain tow truck. The towing costs would be less because it doesn't take as much time to perform this towing method.


But don't always take the cheap way out. If your car were to get damaged, it would cost you more money in repair bills. That is why a flatbed tow truck is appropriate for all other circumstances, such as long-distance towing, luxury car towing, four-wheel-drive car towing, and towing vehicles with lowered suspensions.


Think about the safety of the other people on the road too. Anytime a tow truck pulls a vehicle on the road, it runs the risk of putting other motorists in danger. What if the vehicle were to swerve or shake behind the truck? It could end up causing an accident. But if the tow truck carries the vehicle rather than pulling it, the risk of an accident gets eliminated


Now you know when and why you should use a flatbed tow truck. It is not just for towing stalled or malfunction vehicles. It can be used to tow any vehicle that you want to transport safely.

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