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Heavy Duty Towing Services | 24 Hours a Day

 The general definition of a heavy-duty vehicle is any vehicle that weighs 25,000 pounds or more. The typical flatbed tow truck or wheel lift tow truck does not have the weight capacity to haul heavy-duty vehicles of such extraordinary size. The only solution is to use a heavy-duty tow truck with the proper weight capacity to transport heavy-duty vehicles.
Pink Towing operates a fleet of heavy-duty tow trucks to provide these services throughout Los Angeles. If you have a large 4X4, pick-up-van, bus, motor home, tractor-trailer, standard truck, or heavy machinery, then our heavy-duty towing services are what you need if they ever malfunction on you.
We work with a network of heavy-duty tow truck operators all over Los Angeles.
Many of our clients are commercial and industrial business owners who depend on their large vehicles and machinery to sustain their productivity. Whenever you have such a dilemma, let us help you the same way we help our other clients.

Give our customer service team a call and let them know where your heavy-duty vehicle has broken down or crashed. We will have a heavy-duty tow truck operator out to your location very quickly. 

The Benefits of Our Heavy-Duty Towing Services

Damage-Free Towing


It is no easy task to tow a large vehicle of enormous weight. There are so many things that could go wrong if you don't have an experienced tow truck operator performing the work. Pink Towing uses innovative heavy-duty wheel-lift technology to lift the front end of the customer's massive vehicle off the road and into the air. The rear tires will remain on the road.


The towed vehicle will be secured tightly. There is little chance of it swaying or incurring accidental damage during transport. You can trust us to ensure your heavy-duty vehicle arrives at its destination completely intact and unscathed.


Massive Trucks Acceptable


Some of the biggest heavy-duty trailers and trucks to move are motor homes, semi-trucks, cranes, and other heavy-duty equipment. No ordinary tow truck has the power or ability to haul such large and heavy machines. It would help if you had a specialized heavy-duty tow truck with the pulling power and recovery system to keep these machines secure and stable throughout the trip.


Pink Towing is recognized throughout Los Angeles for its diligence and safety in transporting massive vehicles of unusual size. We make sure every precaution is taken to protect the safety of all the pedestrians and cars on the road. Your massive trailer or truck will arrive at its destination in pristine condition.


 Deliver to Any Location in Los Angeles


Our extensive network of heavy-duty towing professionals extends across the entire metropolitan area and its surrounding suburbs. We can deliver to Bel Air, Woodland Hills, Venice, Downtown Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pico-Union, Sherman Oaks, and the list goes on.

heavy duty towing

Request Your Heavy-Duty Towing Service Today

Are you ready to have your heavy-duty vehicle or machinery moved to a new location in Los Angeles? If so, then please call the customer support team of Pink Towing right away.
Please provide us with details about your vehicle, such as its make, model, size, weight, current location, and desired destination. Based on the information provided to our team, we'll send the most qualified tow truck operator who can handle your particular heavy-duty vehicle towing request.

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