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Roadside Assistance Services | 24 Hours a Day

Everyone needs roadside assistance in Los Angeles at some point. Many people experience breakdowns because of non-mechanical issues with their vehicles. Roadside assistance can resolve these kinds of car problems that do not require a towing service, such as:
-      Lockouts
-      Empty gas tank
-      Dead battery
-      Flat tires
-      Stuck in the Terrain
When you call Pink Towing for roadside assistance, let us know what kind of problem you have experienced and where you’re currently located in Los Angeles. We’ll send the appropriate emergency roadside service technician to your location and resolve your issue quickly and professionally.

The Benefits of Our Roadside Assistance Service:

Save Time and Money


Towing services are more expensive than roadside assistance services. There is no sense in towing your vehicle over minor issues like flat tires or dead batteries. We can easily change a flat tire or jumpstart a dead battery while remaining roadside.


In most cases, the problem will get resolved within a matter of minutes after our arrival. Then you will have the power to drive your vehicle back onto the road without requiring a tow.


Peace of Mind


People worry a lot about getting stranded on the road, especially if they’re in an unfamiliar. If you do get stranded, you shouldn’t have to worry about finding a professional towing service provider while you’re under so much stress. You’ll have peace of mind if you have a designated towing service on standby to assist you.


Pink Towing gives peace of mind to thousands of Los Angeles residents and business people each year. They know that a professional roadside service technician is one phone call away wherever or whenever they break down in Los Angeles. That is the kind of peace of mind we can offer to you too.

Repair Shop Recommendation


Roadside assistance services might get you back on the road again, but they won’t necessarily keep you on the road. After all, a jumpstarted battery or donut tire can only last you for so long. You’ll need to visit a professional auto repair shop to find a permanent solution to these problems. Otherwise, you could end up with the same problem again.


Insurance Accepted


Does your car insurance policy cover roadside assistance services? If so, you won’t have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses for our roadside assistance services. We accept the car insurance policies of most carriers available in Los Angeles.


When we’re ready to send an invoice, we will send it to your insurance company. You will not receive any bills or invoices from us as long as you have an insurance carrier we accept. Contact us to verify whether we accept your insurance coverage.  

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Contact Us Today


Do you need a roadside assistance service? If so, call our customer support team at 323-487-9838 to submit your request. We’ll send the nearest flatbed tow truck operator to your location.

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